Notice of Global Business Expansion by Japan Valuers Co., Ltd.

Notice of Global Business Expansion by Japan Valuers Co., Ltd.

Japan Valuers Co., Ltd., located in Tokyo and Nagoya, has been dedicated to a wide variety of property valuation and counseling services for those Japanese / overseas corporations and individual clients including developers, investors, banks, arrangers and public institutions. The request purposes are also varied from those securitizations to M&A, NPL, corporate revitalization, financial reporting, and the real estate related decision making analyses. Since 2008 onward, we have been actively aiming at structuring a global network that enables us to give solutions for more globalized clients’ business fields. Today, we are pleased to announce that we have established the following new organization and we would like to enhance our business field to further globalizing the world.

Establishment of the Local Corporation in Myanmar
Background and the Aim
The birth of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in December 2015 brought the gigantic economic zone fostering the population of approximately 620 million and the gross regional product of approximately 2.5 trillion USD, and Myanmar is expected to be one of the largest and the rapidest growths in the Zone. Japan Valuers Co., Ltd. had been firstly developed the business alliance with a construction / architecture company in the country in 2013, followed by several opportunities of property valuation assignments. Now and going forward, the needs for fair property valuation are promisingly increasing, as parts of those investment activities by foreign companies, joint ventures and M&As.
Our local company aims to develop the timely and proper / fair valuation services in liaison with the local experts. At the same time, it aims to be responsible for enlightening the local society where “property valuation system” has not been yet familiar with. We believe that the knowledge infrastructure of the valuation will provide further stability of the market in the region.

Outline of the Local Company

    (1) Date of Establishment: April 1, 2016 (Final registration date: July 18, 2016)
    (2) Company Name: Japan Valuers (Myanmar) Co., Ltd.
    (3) Office Address: No.5 Room 4/B, 4th Floor, South Horse Race Course Street, Tamwe Township,Yangon, Myanmar
    (4) The Representative: Hiroyuki Isobe, Managing Director
    (5) About the Representative: Founder and chairman of Japan Valuers Co., Ltd.
         Certified Real Estate Appraiser (Japan), CRE (USA), FRICS (UK)
    (6) Capital: USD $50,000.00
    (7) Commencement Date: November 2016
    (8) URL (under construction)
 (subject to change)
    (9) Main Business Field

      ‐ Property valuation in Myanmar
      ‐ Property market analyses and feasibility studies in Myanmar
      ‐ Support for corporate start‐up in Myanmar( Real Estate, legal and accounting advice)
      ‐ Property valuation in ASEAN countries outside Myanmar
    (10) Number of Employees (Standing) One (Local staff ‐ Language: English / Burmese)

Further Development
Japan Valuers Co., Ltd. will take this opportunity as the turning point to further enhance our field on global businesses backed by the clients’ and social needs for property valuations where the geography would be more scattered; the subject properties to be valued would be more heterogeneous; and the purpose of valuation would be more multi‐layered.

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