IRV Advertises in Inmobiliare’s No. 83 Edition

Inmobiliare Issue 83Launched in 2000, Inmobiliare is the first magazine in Mexico to specialize in the real estate business. Today it is viewed by industry professionals around the world as a primary source for accurate news and data and serves as a reputable networking and advertising venue. IRV placed a full page advertisement in Inmobiliare’s No. 83 Edition – reaching an audience of over 150,000 international real estate business decision makers through the printed and electronic magazine. Click on the title below to view the recently published magazine (see p. 133 for IRV’s advertisement):

>>> Inmobiliare Magazine – No. 83 Edition <<<

IRV also had a full page profile in Inmobiliare’s 2013B2B issue:

>>> Inmobiliare 2013B2B IRV Profile <<<

Here is an informative article written by IRV’s founding partner, Oscar Terrazas, addressing the economic status of the republic of Mexico, and published in the No. 77 edition:

>>>“Ole! Mexico!” <<<

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